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Brain Tea

Unlock the potential of your mind with our latest blog post on the incredible benefits of brain tea.

Dive into the world of cognitive enhancement as we explore the tantalizing blend of herbs and botanicals designed to sharpen focus, boost memory, and ignite mental clarity.

Click the link to learn how sipping on a cup of brain tea can revolutionize your daily routine, offering a natural and delicious way to elevate your cognitive function.

Brain tea
Listen to Amber Currie’s conversation with Teri Karjala.

Amber and Teri talk about:

  • Entrepreneurial mental health issues
  • The connection between health and wealth
  • Putting yourself on the calendar
  • Incorporating pleasure as a means of finding life balance
  • Becoming in tune with your body
  • The mind-body connection
  • Breathing for stress management
  • Stepping in to your power